DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: The Complete Guide to Planning Your Dream Elopement

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Are you and your partner thinking of eloping but not sure of where to start? Or maybe you’re not even quite sure what an elopement is or if it’s for you… I’ve heard this more times than I can count and that’s exactly why I created The Complete Guide to Planning your Dream Elopement. 

This super comprehensive guide takes everything I’ve learned through planning hundreds (and hundreds!) of adventure elopements and packages it up in one place.  Checklists? Check. Packing lists? Double-check. How to choose the perfect date, location, wedding attire, and accommodations? Tips and tricks to stay in budget? Check yes! An interactive worksheet and Seventeen-mag style quiz (to keep it fun and fresh?!?). I gotchu. And SO. much. more. 

Whether you want to DIY your elopement yourself, or you want a trusted adventure friend (and type A planner!) in your pocket (so to speak), this guide to all things elopement is here to make your elopement day not only stress free, but literally your best day ever. What I’m saying is, I can’t wait to walk you down the trail on this journey from “I have no clue” to “I do” with a view (of course! Lol).



  • How to decide on location
  • How to apply for permits for your ceremony 
  • How to choose your date
  • What vendors to hire
  • Elopement cost breakdown 
  • Essentials on booking the perfect accommodations
  • Tips for booking travel
  • How to travel with wedding attire 
  • Ideas for adventures on your elopement day
  • Unique ceremony ideas 
  • How to include friends and family
  • How to tell family and friends you are eloping
  • Elopement gift ideas 
  • How to choose wedding attire 
  • How to create a timeline (example timelines included)
  • Elopement day packing list
  • Elopement guest packing list 
  • Pro tips from Mollie 
  • Photography tips on how to capture dramatic elopement photos 
  • How to have a Leave No Trace Elopement