DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: The Seven Summer Essentials: The Best Summer Trails in Washington State

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As Between the Pine has grown, I constantly get questions from friends and followers like “what hike is this?” or messages like “Mollie, I’m coming to Washington for a week in July, where should I go?!” And while I’ve wanted to respond to each of these questions and messages personally (and with LOTS of details), it’s just not feasible. And, that’s exactly why I created this book.

These are my absolute favorite hikes in all of Washington. The hikes I find myself repeating; the hikes that never let me down. These are the seven hikes I would recommend to myself if I were visiting Washington or lived here and was just starting to explore. Think of them like a highlight reel of all the best gems across Washington State. Across these “Essentials” you get the best of the Pacific Northwest when it comes to hiking: from 360-degree mountain views to glaciers, wildflowers, alpine lakes, rivers, and of course fire lookouts! There’s something for everyone from easy hikes that take just a few hours to full day adventure-style hikes.

What I’m saying is, I’m not holding anything back: all of my best kept secrets learned through many years of seeking all the most stunning places that Washington has to offer are now yours to explore.

My hope is that no matter what ability or experience level, you will be able to find an incredible hike that helps you discover a new place, and maybe even challenges you a little.


  • Essential packing list
  • Wildflowers to look out for
  • Wildlife (aka animals!) you might see on the trails
  • Must-know tips about weather in the mountains (we’re literally not in Kansas (city) anymore lol) 
  • How to follow Leave No Trace principles on your hike
  • A list of helpful (free) resources I use to research hikes
  • Recipes for my favorite hiking snacks (you think I would forget about snacks!?)
  • Super comprehensive details about each of my Seven Essential Hikes, including:
    • Total mileage
    • Difficulty
    • The best time of year
    • Trail features
    • Whether it’s dog friendly or not
    • A detailed description of the road to get there and the hike
    • My favorite thing about this hike (why it’s an essential!)
    • My super secret tips and tricks for the best views and most solitude 
    • Photos of the hike (so you know what to expect)
    • Fun, relevant history
  • ...and of course so much more!

Check out my Adventure Log on The Seven Summer Essentials: The Best Summer Trails in Washington State to learn more about this incredible resource!